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Mon Mar 5 19:21:09 EST 2007

Good news and bad news (subjectively speaking). After nine years of digging 
into my pocket for literally thousands of dollars to keep the syndication 
going, and after 7 years of a free ride from PS Studios, I have decided to 
fold my tent and accept the inevitable. the only right wing neocon that 
loves jazz has thrown in the towel and we will no longer provide MJC 
programming to our affiliates (they are free to access our "archives" page 
on the website to use past programming). we had good feedback from our 
affiliates, but no support, either in subscription form or web banner 
I guess the final blow was the total indifference to our Count Basie launch. 
Although this was a well researched - and inexpensive project - it met with 
virtually no interest. That was more painful than my 2004 bypass surgery.

I suppose the above was the bad news, at least from my standpoint. The good 
news is that I have: 1) received a thumbs up from oncology. The prostate 
cancer has gone away and I don't have to return for another year (guys over 
50, get that PSA and finger wave), and I just took delivery on a 2006 
Kawasaki  1000 sport touring bike. I'll be heading to New Hope, Pa. for my 
50th high school reunion (yes, it's [possible for a neocon to have gone to 
school in New Hope) and a summer ride to Dallas to visit some family on this 
great bike.

I wish you all a long and prosperous existence, and leave one final thought 
for Wynton: You are NOT the messiah. Shut up and play.

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