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You should check out the movie "Scratch" if you haven't already.  Great early stuff about the birth of the use of turntables as instruments (including the MASSIVE influence "Rockit" had on everyone) right up through the current masters of the form Shadow, Q-Bert, Z-Trip.

- Flash

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> Bobby Jax wrote<<<<< This is a fabulous film!  Did you see it? >>>>
> Most definitely, I throughly enjoyed it. Not to be negative but my only
> dissapointment, albiet slight, was the segment on the roots and creation of
> hip hop was too short and too vague, I lived the era of the mid-to-late 70s
> when hip hop was created so I am extremly familiar with it, however there
> are millions of young folks born after 1985 who think that Tupac and Biggie
> created rap and they don't know about hip hop. The ironic thing about hip
> hop is that it came about as an alternative to gang violence of the South
> Bronx, instead of fighting, rival gangs competed against each other through
> grafitti, break dancing and dee jaying. The last element of hip hop is
> emceeing or rapping as it came to be known. The founders of hip hop, seminal
> figures like Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Afrika Bambatta all helped
> quelled violence, in particular Bambatta who began the Almighty Universal
> Zulu Nation that is a positive, educational and enlightment organization for
> youth to help them overcome adverse conditions and become succesful. In the
> laste
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