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<<..Have any of you heard Wynton's jazz show on XM ??

I  heard it once and it was like a 4th year jazz theory class.  He didn't  
even play songs all the way through.  Great that he featured classic  artists 
that don't get much exposure nationally, but I think that the casual  jazz fan, 
the type that would tune into the shows who post their playlists  here, would 
rather listen to the music than be EDUCATED by Mr. Marsalis  "America's 
Ambassador of Jazz"

If you make things complicated people  tend to TUNE OUT..>>

Only heard it once, but I appreciated his commentary. If all we wanted to  do 
was hear music, we don't need a Wynton Marsalis to introduce each number.  
This was, indeed, like returning to school. And both my wife (much less of a  
Jazz fan than I) and I did find it interesting.
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