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WNUR Raises Record Funds For Equipment In Annual Phoneathon
Emily Glazer

By Emily Glazer
The Daily Northwestern

With microphones malfunctioning and record needles snapping in the
WNUR recording studio, the on-campus radio station's Phoneathon
couldn't have come at a better time.

The station raised a record $41,034 in its annual Phoneathon,
exceeding its goal of $34,000. The event ended Feb. 15, but the
station had reached its target amount by Feb 13.

"I was totally stoked - I couldn't believe (we reached it so soon),"
said Medill senior Anthony G. Walters, WNUR's general manager.

The money will go toward equipment-related expenses, like new speakers
and a server.

WNUR also receives about $40,000 annually from Northwestern.

The Phoneathon has been around since the early 1980s, and Walters said
it raises more money each year.

Last year WNUR raised about $37,500 - about $4,000 more than the 2006 goal.

"We beat the pants off of the year before, which always feels good,"
Walters said.

More than 200 WNUR participants took 3- to 4-hour phone shifts during
this year's events. Members said this is a particularly important year
for the fundraiser.

"This is a key year because we're in the process of moving to a new
location in Louis Hall," said Chris Wade, Phoneathon's co-director and
a Communication sophomore. "Everything that we find to buy, we must
buy out of our budget."

WNUR is moving to John J. Louis Hall next month because its current
home, Annie May Swift Hall, is under construction.

To advertise the Phoneathon, WNUR faxed and mailed hundreds of press
releases and reminded their listeners hourly, Walters said.

A total of 608 callers phoned in, including listeners from Canada,
Australia, Japan and France, he said.

WNUR also offered incentives such as T-shirts, CDs and theater tickets
to donors this year from sponsors such as record labels and
publication houses.

Theron Humiston, a Music graduate student and producer of WNUR's show
"Classical and Beyond," wrote an original composition for a supporter
who donated $100 to WNUR during the classical radio show.

WNUR also gave away the chance to host "Airplay Show," a show on WNUR
that includes live performances. The donor will get to watch the
performance in the studio, talk to the band and choose different music
sets to play, said Mike Corsa, Weinberg '06 and WNUR's general manager
last year.

Walters said he thinks WNUR is underrecognized because it plays
alternative artists rather than mainstream music, but a combination of
creative giveaways and loyal listeners led to this year's
record-breaking profit.

"It really speaks to the mentality of the radio listeners - the fact
that we made $41,000 - people are sick of hearing the same thing every
day," Walters said. "We like to think of ourselves as the alternative
to the alternative."

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