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Ah, yes, and Clint Eastwood was at that little station in Carmel, and 
that crazy chick kept calling up and requesting  "Misty".     see:  

Yes, my friends from the Eastern provinces, there were actually jazz 
radio shows outside of Boston, New York and Philly.  Back in the middle 
of the last century, people like Dave Garroway & Daddy O in Chicago, 
Dick Martin in New Orleans, Johnny Holiday in Little Rock, Jimmy Lyons 
in San Francisco, Sleepy Stein & Chuck Niles in L.A. and others who 
turned on legions of people to the joys of jazz at night.  Not to 
mention the world famous KJAZ in San Francisco (Almeida) from 
1959-1994, one of the great jazz radio stations of all time (John 
Rogers, Stan Dunn, Herb Wong,Tim Hodges).


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> On Tuesday 06 March 2007 16:58, Tom Mallison wrote:
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>> The other station across from Joe Dorn was Ed Bradley on WDAS as I
>> remember.
> Yes, that's correct.
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>>> Ah, yes, brings back memories. WHAT-FM, with the likes of Sid Mark, 
>>> Joel
>>> Dorn (yes, a "deejay"), Joe Zawacki, etc. What was the other 
>>> station, Eric?
>>> Ed

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