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Larry Appelbaum jumpmonk at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 6 21:25:53 EST 2007

>...My question is has anyone ever seen any other great drummers on TV shows 
>as special guests other
>  than Max and Buddy? If so which drummer and which program? Thanks for any 


There is an Omnibus program from Dec. 2, 1956 that had a segment called 
Different Drummers. It's basically Jo Jones jamming with a tabla layer named 
Chatur Lal. Alastair Cook does the set-up and explains what a tala is. The 
two then play Caravan and a blues with a band including Ruby Braff, Urbie 
Green, Tony Scott and Walter Page.

There are many memorable segments on the old Steve Allen Show. Apropos to 
your question, there's one Steve Allen pgm from 1957? with Art Blakey, Sabu 
Martinez, Candido, Bobby Rosengarden (playing timpani) and Steve on piano 
and bongos. There's another Steve Allen show from the same period with Buddy 
Rich doing his solo "act:" singing, tap dancing and playing an unaccompanied 
drum solo. There's also a great series from 1971 on National Educational 
Television called Soul. One episode had Max and M'Boom (the series also 
included Horace Silver, Lee Morgan, Rahsaan, and a group led by Lucky 
Thompson w/Freddie Waits). This is all just the tip of the iceberg. There's 
much, much more.

Larry Appelbaum

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