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Ricky wrote: "jazz radio will go from being a small part of exposing
new music to completely irrelevant."

actually, no, ricky quote(d)  ed T....
thanks jim for sharing...waiting for dick lapalm to weigh in--he remembers 
plenty of the classic cats.
also WRVR/New York played jazz 24 hours a day into the 80s.  in the 60s and 
early 70s they had among others, the estimable Ed Beach.  
in the mid 70s denver had 2 commercial jazz stations (actually 1.5 fulltime) 
KHOW-FM (51k)was 12 hours per night, 7 nights per week and KADX-FM (100k) was 
24 hours [i had the pleasure of working at both.]
as jim wilke mentioned much of the key jazz radio was actually on individual 
shows...many great ones.  many i was privileged to know.  Felix Grant in 
washington d.c. who introduced the samba and brazilian music to US audiences.  
China Valles in miami...oscar treadwell in cincinnati. lee kamen in 
minneapolis...i could go on & on--hopefully lapalm will chime in.
ron in milwaukee, joe in chicago, and so many others im fuzzy on.
russ davis started spinning jazz on  WQXI-FM atlanta-a serious rock station.
there was a time when jazz shows could be found within many formats and of 
course the old MOR stations mixed liberal amounts of jazz into the mix.
jim mentioned KJAZ/SF: cant forget jerry dean, bob parlocha and dick conte. 
dick has one of the few straight ahead shows on a smooth station.  in LA Jim 
Gosa has to be mentioned.
on the "urban" side there were plenty of cats too: lawrence tanter at 
KJLH/LA("kindness, joy, love & happiness) and rick holmes "in your home" at KRE/KBLX 
Berkeley. Maxx Myrick--who could certainly buff out the list....
....and to those of you who keep pumping it out (and especially those of you 
with 20+
in the game) i salute you one & all !
ricky schultz
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