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Wed Mar 7 09:31:53 EST 2007

Hey Eric,

Here's a short answer. I approach the 6 hour block for the show as if  
it were one part of a full 18 hour day. You are correct with regards  
to total spins for the month but because we are a destination show  
for the station a portion of the audience tunes in specifically for  
the Jazz Brunch (though more than 50% of the audience are regular FNX  
format listeners) so the exposure for those spins is pretty focused.  
I structure each hour similar to way the station structures each  
hour. I also take the entire block and program the flow from hour to  
hour based on the time of the morning. The audience is in transition  
during 6AM and after 11AM. The audience at 8 AM is different than 10  
but most of those from 8 are still listening past 11AM. I play a  
minimum of 8 tracks/hr (though I prefer 10) and have 6- 8 minutes of  
commercials per hour broken in to two stop sets (generally around : 
33-:35 & :48 - :50, :16 -:18 is a rolling break, so a stretch of  
35-40 minutes with no commercials) . I choose a minimum of two tracks  
per CD up to 4 tracks. So you are correct in noticing more than one  
track per disc. There is a minimum of 2 hours between plays. Those  
focus tracks will remain in rotation for at least 4 weeks before I  
start adding different tracks. 5 releases per hour will fall into  
this rotation (depending on releases maybe as many as 7) so that  
means there are at least 15 new releases at a time getting 2 spins/ 
show and yes 8/month. Probably 85% of the releases I play are new or  
recurrent. While it might not seem like it, there's a fair amount of  
flexibility in the show to adapt to what's happening musically in  
town and for other things that come up. Mike Adams and Andy Cook  
handle the early part of the show but I am programming 5-7 tracks/ 
hour for them, they can do whatever they want with the rest of each  
hour. Both have been in the business for many years and are quite  
knowledgeable with regards to the music. Programming a full day would  
obviously require some tweaking but the structure would be the same.  
Personally I would think 10 spins per day (Mon - Fri) for your Top 5  
or Top 10  releases is not unreasonable for a full time format. So  
those are the basics. I hope this answers your question

If anyone is interested they can check out the current and past  
playlists : http://www.fnxradio.com/1/jocksshows/jock.asp?id=26

Jeff Turton
WFNX Jazz Brunch

> Hi Jeff,
> Since you do a weekly jazz show, I'm curious about what you mean by
> repetition. I don't think that means that you repeat the same cut  
> during one
> show. I think I've heard you play more than one tune from a single  
> CD during
> one of your shows.  Even if you do that, my guess is that it would  
> be rare
> for a CD to be played more than 8 times in a month and most would  
> be played 4
> times in a month. Is that what you mean by repetition?
> Eric Jackson
> 8 pm - mid Mon - Thurs
> WGBH Boston
> 89.7 FM
> www.wgbh.org/jazz

On Mar 7, 2007, at 7:24 AM, Eric Jackson wrote:

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> On Tuesday 06 March 2007 16:43, jturton at comcast.net wrote:
>> This Week's JPL Sponsor: SUMMIT RECORDS
>> Jim makes a number of good points and while I agree with many of  
>> them,
>> there's one thing missing. People do not use the radio the same  
>> way they
>> did in the past. Even as late as the 70's I think much of what we  
>> admired
>> about radio (and why most of us got involved) were still relevant  
>> but if
>> you are under 50 you grew up listening to radio in a different  
>> way. I've
>> been involved in radio since 1969 and many of my experiences are  
>> the same
>> as Jim, Eric and many others on the board. Unfortunately Radio is  
>> not the
>> same as it was and to continue approaching how you program the  
>> music in the
>> same way, you are guaranteed to fail. There are many reasons for  
>> Jazz to
>> lose relevance with radio listeners but I firmly believe one of  
>> them, is
>> that we have failed to accurately recognize that radio listeners  
>> changed
>> and they use the radio as just one of many media choices. We've  
>> lamented
>> this in various discussions over the years but that doesn't change  
>> the fact
>> that we need to change and figure out ho w to once again be  
>> relevant to
>> those who still listen to the radio. You may not want to agree  
>> with Ed or
>> Ricky that spins matter but in the radio world of 2007 they do. While
>> repetition may not make hits, it will allow listeners to hopefully  
>> hear
>> those tracks we feel deserve the attention of our audience. I have  
>> been the
>> only Jazz show on Commercial Rock stations for 26 years now, so since
>> 1980/81 when WBUR changed it's Weekend Jazz to news (I was one of  
>> the first
>> casualties of this trend, BUR just started before most)  I have  
>> not had the
>> luxury of programming to a Jazz oriented audience.
>> Jeff Turton
>> WFNX Jazz Brunch

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