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Hi Jae:

There's a Youtube clip of Lionel Hampton, Louie Bellson, and Don Lamond on
the Steve Allen show.

--Peter/WFCR Amherst, MA

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Perhaps a strange request for help......I've been writing a book slowly over
the years called "Songs For Drumset." It's mainly a collection of
compositions I've written/am writing specifically for solo drumset
performance. It's something I've always wanted to do but no hurry obviously.
Some of the pieces are tributes to such greats as Max Roach and Philly Jo
Jones. I was going through a series of videos for historical research and I
came across some TV footage of Buddy Rich and Max Roach on the Tonight Show
with Johnny Carson. Not together. I started thinking that they are the only
two drummers I've ever seen on a national TV show in which they were the
guests. We've seen many perform with other artists but I don't recall ever
seeing any other drummer as a solo guest on a show like that. I know Sammy
Davis was an amazing drummer but he of course was more known for other
things. My question is has anyone ever seen any other great drummers on TV
shows as special guests other
 than Max and Buddy? If so which drummer and which program? Thanks for any

  Jae Sinnett

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