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EdBride at aol.com EdBride at aol.com
Wed Mar 7 17:01:21 EST 2007

In a message dated 3/7/2007 4:49:58 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
jaejazz at yahoo.com writes:

....say  someone didn't read the post you're responding to - previously. I 
know it's  happened with me many times. I see someone responding but I have no 
idea to  who or which post because no one used a name. .>>
That's why Jim excerpted posts from both of you, so you would know he was  
talking to you, and the other readers would know what he was talking about. Did  
you read to the bottom of his post, where those excerpts were located? Maybe  
that's a fallacy, top-posting; but that's his only offense, and it's a  

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