[JPL] My Updated Info

Matt Merewitz | JazzClinic Media jazzclinic at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 23:17:17 EST 2007

Hello All,

I just moved within Philly but am still on WRTI.  I play the request show
for Maureen until further notice but I always manage to get some of my own
picks in the mix.  I am also still at DL Media.

My new address is:

1029A N. Lawrence St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

I am on the airwaves Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings (depending on how
you look at it) from 12 AM to 3 AM Eastern Standard Time (i.e. tonight).


Matt Merewitz
New Media Publicist
JazzClinic Media

e-mail: jazzclinic at gmail.com
Phone: (240) 460-9454
Skype ID: drjazzphd
AIM screenname: uvawitz

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