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Very sad indeed to hear this story coming out of Bloomington, IN -
especially with the great School of Music there!

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A humorous flipside to my previous post... I posted this story on a jazz
board elsewhere, but thought it might bear repeating:
  My wife & I were sitting in a restaurant here in Bloomington on a
recent Sunday afternoon, and they were playing some godawful
contemporary version of "Come Rain or Come Shine." I couldn't ID the
singer, but I was positive it was some washed-up 1980s New Wave star...
kind of a cross between the Spandau Ballet vocalist and Boy George, but
not actually either one of them. It was very schmaltzy and
fatigued-sounding at the same time, with some limp brass in the
background; we've had a bevy of bad Great American Songbook (or GAS, as
the Yahoo Songbirds call it) tributes from fading rock vets lately, but
this one really piqued my curiousity. My wife went up to the counter to
order a coffee drink and asked what was playing. When she came back, she
said, "Don't get mad..." Then proceeded to tell me that the guy behind
the counter had said he wasn't sure what it was, because it came off an
employee's ipod, "but I think it's Miles Davis." My wife said, "Uh, are
you sure?" (She  knows Miles' recordings fairly well.) He said, "Well,
yeah... you know, it's jazzy and stuff... I'm pretty sure it's Miles
David Brent Johnson
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