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Thu Mar 8 14:14:51 EST 2007

I would like to close by giving a "high five" and would like to "salute" to XM Satellite Radio. THIS is excellent programming at it's very best and I tell everyone I know to check these programs out !!!

 JAMMIN' JAZZ.JAZZ FOR THE NEW GENERATION! hosted by Michelle Sammartino. 

IF IT'S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION!  Every Friday we present an exclusive Beyond Jazz feature that focuses on the moment in jazz history when the music became electric and all the musical influences of the world blended with jazz to create the Fus ion Era. Each hour beginning at 7 AM Eastern/4 AM Pacific until midnight Eastern/9 PM Pacific you'll hear a classic fusion piece and get the mojo behind this controversial era in jazz history. IF IT'S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION on XM 72, BEYOND JAZZ.

THE MOJA REPORT with MARK RUFFIN! This weekend Beyond Jazz presents another edition of "THE MOJA REPORT with MARK RUFFIN!" Join the newest voice on Beyond Jazz, award-winning presenter, producer and writer Mark Ruffin in our studios in Chicago as he covers the many aspects of the world of modern jazz from his perspective.  Listen twice each weekend for THE MOJA REPORT , Saturday mornings at 11 AM Eastern/8 AM Pacific, just before Words & Music begins, and Sunday nights at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific, part of the Sunday Specials. It's "THE MOJA REPORT with MARK RUFFIN," and on this week's edition Mark focuses on "New 21st Century Fusion," featuring new music from Robin Eubanks, Marc Cary, Hiromi, Second Movement and Soweto Kinch

Russ Davis
Program Director
Beyond Jazz 
XM Satellite Radio
33 West 60th Street
10th Floor
New York, NY 10023

Take care Andy

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