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Still Another Jazz Show Feb 26
SCOTT COLLEY  “Usual Illusion”   “Strip Mall Ballet”  
MAL WALDRON     “Status Seeking”  “Thirteen”   THE
QUEST  Prestige Records
BENNY REID      “Destiny”  “Transient Melody”   
FINDINGS    Concord Jazz
NICK RUSSO       “Ro”     RO        Concord Jazz    
KERRY STRAYER QUARTET with special guest, Greg Foster 
 “3625 Central”
“Blues Almighty”  PLAY IT WHERE IT LAYS  Kerry Strayer
2007 RVG SERIES SAMPLER   Johnny Griffen “Mil Dew,”
Kenny Drew “Lions Den,”  Donald Byrd “Cute”   Blue
BOBBY SHEW plays the music of Reed Kotler    “My Love
Is Yours”   “Deep In My Dreams”   CANCADOS DO AMOR
(Love Songs)    Torii Records
VERONICA NUNN   “One Note Samba” “I Can't Give You
anything But Love” STANDARD DELIVERY     Dead Horse 
LARRY HAM   	“Softly As The Morning Sunrise”  
CAROUSEL   West Village Music
SCOTT COLLEY opens  this edition of SAJS with his
“Usual Illusion” and “Strip Mall Ballet.” 
This music is especially comforting to listen to in
traffic. I recommend it for non jostling ways-endless
evolving tapestries.  I learned that about Colley's
music on his last CD while stranded in L.A. traffic,
two years ago. It's philosophical, comforting, a
refreshing contingency to modern  sprawl.
MAL WALDRON is next with THE QUEST recorded in 1961.
We played “Status Seeking” This CD has some of the
best jazzy flurries on saxophone ever conjured  by
schizoid 20th century man.  Eric Dolphy and in his own
way, Booker Ervin climb aboard with the hottest solos.
There's so much combustible energy here, you may want
turn down your TV before it burns up and conjures your
 Much the same of what COLLEY is saying is reflected 
in BENNY REID'S  new FINDINGS CD containing subtlety
of a Pat Metheny, meaning it's not an endless boring
insignificant smooth jazz spectra. This is morning
becomes a clear blue misty Electra on the West Coast 
of Santa Monica, a BMW ride down among the low hip
contemporary, cruisings through Laurel Canyon of a non
plus mediocrity in the overall Taoist scheme with
Steely Dan and Wayne Shorter. Benny Reid definitely
has created a gem! A cluster of  six diamonds on a
black velvet pouch, a collectors paradise. Long songs
with heady vocalizing, Antonio Sanchez on drums,
Richard Padron, guitars, Aaron Goldberg, piano, Reuben
Rogers, bass and Benny Reid on reeds, a prurient
device of the rolling modern mecca. Paradise just
Guitarist, NICK RUSSO offers up some tasty music on
his new RO CD .   His style compares with Kenny
Burrell, magnificent technique and understated
sophistication.    We played the title tune. The
vocalizing is performed by Miles Griffith who projects
a 'Eddie Jefferson,' in your face growl, scat, yodel
and yet very lyrical.  Saxophonist Mark Turner's broad
harmonious musty sound  blends  in with Griffith,
Russo and the full bodied motion of Willard Dyson on
drums.  Turner's work with  guitar Ken Rosenwinkel
should be commended. It's a treat to hear him
collaborating with Ken Russo.   “Ro” has an
interesting and intoxicating dynamic, from a soft
beginning to a crescendo.  For those having a bad day,
we recommend you let life's temporary dire state
evaporate from your conscious, let your imagination
fly and if an enticing RO,  motivates thoughts of sex,
then feel free.
second hour of SAJS with selections from the  new PLAY
IT WHERE IT LAYS. CD.  Just think of Gerry Mulligan
with a cross between Art Pepper and Paul Desmond  to
form your impressions on this West Coast post modern. 
 Strayer's 3625 Central in reverence to Lennie
Tristano's  contribution to modern music. Whenever I
hear this sort of music I think of the boastful joy of
 jazz in those days. Then we coupled with Johnny
Hodges classic “Blues O' Mighty” and you just feel the
nostalgia. Kerry Strayer and Gary Foster really know
how to tap into your nostalgia fix on this great
This is also  a tribute to late pianist Frank Mantooth
who played on  “3625 Central' with a Strayer
remembrance, laid back, straight ahead bop signature,
“Perfectly Frank.”  Gary Foster's  ebullient lyricism
up top and Kerry Strayer, passionate statement down
low gives this song the necessary imbodiment, a
lasting tribute to a colleague and friend.
GRIFFIN  and an up tempo “Mil Dew.” I think Art Blakey
is behind this, exhorting the rest of the band to
higher levels. What a jam!
We listen to listen to this stuff as teenagers in the
fifties along with Bill Haley and The Comets, Gene
Vincent, Big Jay McNealy and the rest. You can just
feel the R & B  undertone in Johnny Griffin's message.
 Pianist  KENNY DREW is next with an up tempo, “Lion's
Den” and finally Detroit's  Donald Byrd and compatriot
Pepper Adams on baritone sax conclude with “Cute.”
This  Rudy Van Gelder Series have  been remastered and
sounds so pristine. 
Reminds me of nicotine, coffee and after hours clubs
and I quit smoking 25 years ago. 
These are old Detroit days, when the music was fervent
and bright blue everywhere.
Oh, take me back, just to listen to the music!
The cool side of trumpet player BOBBY SHEW begins the
last segment of SAJS with CANCAOS DO AMOR, MUSIC OF
REED KOTLER.  Kotler is a prolific writer/composer out
the post modern West Coast school of music. There are
many directions to go and his music is very adaptable.
These arrangements are easily converted to a Brazilian
format by Bobby Shew. We played “My Love Is Yours” and
“Deep in My Dreams.”  As always, some of the West
Coast best musicians  are on this CD, guitarist, Larry
Koonse, Derek Oles, bass, Gary Foster on alto, Andy
Martin, trombone, Kei Acagi, piano and Brazilian
percussionist, Cassio Duarte.  
Shew added a string accompaniment on a few selections
to activate a more lush overall romantic atmosphere of
lush blues and crimson reds to the score.  Listeners
go for Bobby Shew, for his Laissez Faire command,
mastery, tone and technique are in demand as well as
his session work.
Singer VERONICA NUNN is next with her new STANDARD
DELIVERY CD. We played “One Note Samba,” arranged by
percussionist Jaz Sawyer.  Nunn has good command and
articulation singing in high register, combining with
this free and frenetic 'Carnivale,' arrangement  the
way it's sounds in Rio. Her impeccable interpretation
of “More Than You Know” is an excellent example of a
well trained  jazz singer. This young lady is
Broadway, where a singer reaches for the same address
as a Carmen McRae and Sarah Vaughn, the very bredth of
interpretative language, lost loves, carousels of
folly and those folks who live on the Hill,when you
take notice because it's a high standard. Veronica is
climbing the  Beacon Hill of jazz vocalists.
Pianist, LARRY HAM concludes the edition  of SAJS from
his latest CAROUSEL. We played “Softly As The Morning
Sunrise.” Larry Ham is in the tradition of the classic
straight ahead, 'no bones about'  jazz piano players,
Sonny Clark. Kenny Drew, Wynton Kelly. We have a
similar player out here on the West Coast in Larry
Vuckovich.   This is about Larry Ham and what those
brisk nights from the sixties East Coast school were
all about.  When we have more time we'll play some of
the solo pieces from this nice CD.
For  next time. 

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