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Maurice Hogue onemansjazz at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 8 17:47:16 EST 2007

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>The problem is ...as one PD put it to me (5 years ago when I was pounding 
>this issue) "We can't ' afford ' to lose our audience."  The young 
>audience still live with mom & dad and don't have jobs to support non-profits.
>I am 55 and I love the "new jazz" that's been coming out of Europe for 
>quite some time now. Rachel Z ?? (I don't think so)
>A few years (when you had the chance) did any of you give any attention to 
>Herbie Hancock's cd "Future 2 Future" ???  Most of you didn't even know 
>about it. Even though I was not "behind" this project (as a promoter)...I 
>was trying to get any of you to check it out and got no response and those 
>of you that did were totally against it. And here's "a name" you all know (??)
>How many of you got behind DePhaz who did an excellent re-mix of Ella 
>Fitzgerald singing "Lovechild"...(I prove my point)....
>Back to the original topic on this post--I'm stuck like a dope with a > 
>thing called hope, but I beleive that old dogs can learn new tricks.  > 
>Not when they're dying
>It is our survival. ....The "younger ones" (again, I'm 55 and "get it") 
>aren't "exposed" to European jazz and they don't "get it" either. I don't 
>consider "hip-hop" and some of the stuff they listen to as jazz but there 
>is "electronica" jazz out there.... it does have a "distinct sound" and 
>unless you've been "exposed" ....you don't know any better.

I've been watching and playing music from Europe and other
countries since I started my show.  There's some great stuff

I'm one of the oldest people programming at our station (over
60), and constantly trying to talk it up with some of the younger
programmers about our music.  What's happened recently is
the show following mine, a hip hop show, is now playing some
jazz.  The host is maybe 21, and she's trying things, asking me
what's this like. She walked in one day with some used vinyl
that she'd bought in Toronto, all jazz titles.  She makes my day
when she plays something that I know. She's learning on the job
so to speak, and she is interested. And her audience is getting
to hear those choices too.  One small step.....

What's also interesting (sometimes a bit frustrating) is how much of the
music that gets catalogued by volunteers gets a jazz designation.
Seems if there's even the slightest hint of jazz (maybe if there's a saxophone
on it) , gets a jazz sticker.  Not to mention that if some group
has played at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival in their "urban groove"
series, they get a jazz sticker on their cd.

So as has been mentioned, there is a much wider conception of what
is jazz amongst the younger crew.

Maurice Hogue
CKUW Winnipeg 

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