[JPL] Younger people on the radio

Robert Hoff rhoff at mercyhurst.edu
Thu Mar 8 17:51:26 EST 2007

I host JazzFlight on WQLN in Erie, PA and the format covers recent releases 
(Ornette, Dave Douglas, Steve Kuhn, Elling); jazz classics from Miles, 
Trane, Dolphy, Evans; and world music - Africa, Cuba, India, Brazil.  Older 
listeners want less of the world, younger listeners want more. The younger 
folks are listening to everything - Chu Berry to Don Cherry to Willie Nelson 
to Steve Reich.  At least that's been my experience.


Rob Hoff

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> Hello all,
> Hear, hear for Andy Cook's post on re-vitalizing jazz radio.  We have
> to develop a new talent pool in hosts!  We, of aging ears and
> attitudes must listen to what they have to say and what they might
> like us to play.
> I caught myself being "old" on the air the other day.  I played Tony
> DeSare.  Then, in my backtag I said "impressive young man".  Wrong
> thing for me to do.  Just shoulda said, "he's got it together", or
> something like that.  I can't afford to retire right now, so I've got
> to stay on the air or at my post at WEMU listening to new trends in
> music and getting them out to listeners.  I have to be in the momement
> for them.  Can't let on that I'm not hip.  Anyone who fits in to my
> demographic (55-ish) should watch out for this tendency to point out
> the youngness of an artist.  That ages the host.  Believe me, I'll
> never do that again.
> One thing I'm trying to impress upon WEMU hosts is that today's 30-
> something listener doesn't have the time to hear a dj shuffle through
> some papers to get information.  He or she wants professionalism at
> the same level as the music.  If we can present good music with
> inspired segues...and lots of it....with little rambling dj
> chatter....then we can make it with a younger listener who might be
> tempted to just stick with the Ipod, etc.  If an older host can't
> understand that, he or she will have to go. But, because we do know
> the music, we can improve on each piece with our segues.  A shuffle
> Ipod can't program with our heart and intelligence.  But, if a host
> can't keep up with the times and understand that listener preferences
> for the way radio announcers are perceived are changing, then there is
> room for new hosts who "get it".
> I'm reviewing an advance or Rachel Z's new CD "Dept. of Good & Evil".
> Excellent new music.  Modern, yet melodic.  I'm excited about Pete
> Levin's new disc, too!  Tony Levin is the bassist on both of them.
> Hey--while WEMU has a stream, if you can, listen in tomorrow (Friday)
> morning at 11AM ET.  Rachel Z. will be my guest and we'll premiere
> tracks from the new disc.  It's official release date is the 13th.
> Back to the original topic on this post--I'm stuck like a dope with a
> thing called hope, but I beleive that old dogs can learn new tricks.
> It is our survival.
> Linda
> Linda Yohn
> WEMU Music Director
> lyohn at emich.edu
> 734.487.2229
> www.wemu.org
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