[JPL] Under 40

Music-EastWest musicew736 at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 8 18:27:54 EST 2007

Ok... Let's see how "open" you all are.... How about if I put together a 
1hour "new jazz program" so everyone can "get it" (?)  Put your programming 
where your emails are...How many of you would "service" such a show? (I bet 
not many of you) I tried in my own yard (San Francisco Bay Area) and they 
cringed at the idea in fear of their $$ supporters.  And I was willing to be 
a "late night" host when all the $$ holders are sound asleep but they 
wouldn't go for it...

So, if ANY of you are willing TODAY to allow such a show on your stations I 
will put the show together and send it to you.

Let's here from you ....


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