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Blaise Lantana blaise.lantana at riomail.maricopa.edu
Thu Mar 8 19:33:40 EST 2007

Hello MEW

How about if we start with who are you, since you didn't sign your name to
your post.
What is your reference point with jazz?  As in what do you listen to and
what would you include?  
Do you have any radio experience?

All good music is not good radio and I am inundated with jazz players who
think they know what would be good on radio, when they have no experience
with the medium.

One of our considerations is that many of us only play jazz at night, so
even a mainstream show is already somewhat marginalized.  

Looking forward to learning more about you.
Blaise Lantana
Music Director
KJZZ Phoenix
Streaming @ kjzz.org  

-----Original Message-----
Ok... Let's see how "open" you all are.... How about if I put together a 
1hour "new jazz program" so everyone can "get it" (?)  Put your programming 
where your emails are...How many of you would "service" such a show? (I bet 
not many of you) I tried in my own yard (San Francisco Bay Area) and they 
cringed at the idea in fear of their $$ supporters.  And I was willing to be

a "late night" host when all the $$ holders are sound asleep but they 
wouldn't go for it...

So, if ANY of you are willing TODAY to allow such a show on your stations I 
will put the show together and send it to you.

Let's here from you ....


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