[JPL] Tucson Jazz Radio Shows Us What it is to be American

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Tucson Jazz Radio Shows Us What it is to be American

Astrid Duffy

Posted: 3/8/07

Local jazz is now more accessible than ever. The web-based Tucson Jazz Radio
Project has just introduced a new stream, which plays real jazz twenty-four
hours a day. To tune in, simply visit www.tucsonjazzradio.org and the stream
will automatically play through your media player.

The stream focuses on real jazz, "not smooth jazz, no Kenny G, none of that
stuff," said Tony Frank, the program director of the Tucson Jazz Radio
Project. Real jazz, as Frank defines it, is "that beautiful, mood-altering,
life changing music" that affects its listeners profoundly. Ella Fitzgerald,
Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie are among the musicians that Tucson Jazz
Radio plays regularly.

The new stream does not just play old favorites, though. New Tucson talent
is also showcased. "Its coming from the roots," said Frank. "(We are) paying
homage to the great players while also focusing on those local players here
that are keeping that tradition alive."

Frank thinks there is an extreme importance of providing the community with
access to jazz. "I'm trying to get the word out that jazz is alive and well
and we're doing it right here in Tucson," he said.

Frank also sees jazz music as an important part of the heritage of America.
"As Americans, we don't really have much we can call our own as far as
culture," he said "But we can really say this is ours."

Of the many places in Tucson where one can go to hear jazz music, Frank
recommends the music at Acacia in St. Philips Plaza, on Thursday and Friday
nights from 7p.m. to 10pm. On Thursday night, Frank plays the trumpet and
sings as a part of a duo at Acacia. "Of course I'm going to recommend
myself," he laughs, "I don't mean to blow my own horn, so to speak, but the
music really is good."

Frank is expressive in his passion for jazz music and his desire to share it
with the rest of the world. As well as inviting the community to tune into
his Internet radio program, Frank encourages people to get involved in
Tucson Jazz Radio in a larger way.

There are opportunities with the Tucson Jazz Radio Project for people to
participate in the show programming and to be on the air. For more
information on involvement, contact Frank at tucsonjazzradio at hotmail.com
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