[JPL] Joy Spring - I'm Ready Or Not

Peter Poses pposes at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 11 14:48:10 EDT 2007

"The JPL": Howzzit ---

	Not that March & April aren't Colorado's snowiest months
(statistically-speakin'), and not that it won't be 70 degrees tomorrow
(predicted), and Spring is jes 'round the corner...

	March: "It's The Waters Of March" ("Elis & Tom")

	April: "My One And Only Love" (Johnny Hartman)

	May: "From May To September" (September Song)

	June: Juneteenth Tunezz

	Spring: "Up Jumped", "Spring Can Really Hang You Up"; Ralph Burns' "Spring
Sequence", Kenny Dorham's Spring Recording...

	I know U kno some...UTNG, dig, Peter Poses, Host Of "OverNight Jazz: The
Soundz Of Surprize" --- KRFC FT COLLINS --- www.krfcfm.org.

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