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Steve Schwartz steve_schwartz at wgbh.org
Mon Mar 12 14:56:33 EDT 2007


You bring up the Baroness.

I remember going to see Barry Harris' trio at The Angry Squire in NYC. It
was on 7th Avenue, just below 23rd Street. Must have been the mid 1980s. I
know Leroy Williams was playing drums but I don't remember the bassist. I do
remember pianist Gil Coggins sitting in the house, enjoying Barry's music as
we all were.
The set ended and I found my self walking towards the front door behind a
rather short woman with the longest full length mink coat  I had ever seen.
If she were any smaller, the coat would have been dragging on the floor.
As we walked out into the street there was a huge silver Bentley double
parked. She opened the back door, got in and it drove away. I knew then that
it was the Baroness.
Monk wasn't the only one to honor  her with a song:

Nica's Tempo by Gigi Gryce
Nica's Dream by Horace Silver
Nica by Sonny clark
Tonica  by Kenny Dorham
Inca by Barry Harris
Nica Steps Out by Freddie Redd

I'm sure there are others

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