[JPL] WRUV playlists and charts 3-12-07

Amy/Eric pearl3leff at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 14 21:22:19 EDT 2007

Hi music people, Here are a couple of recent playlists
and our CMJ charts. We are always happy to be part of
supporting new, creative music here at WRUV. Feel free
to contact me  with questions about music being played
Eric Leff
jazz/ blues music director
Billings Student Center
University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont 05405


Buyu Ambroise- Dilere/ Tigas Tune- Marasa (Jazmel)

Cooke Quintet- Love at Twilight- An Indefinate
Suspension of the Possible (Black Hat)

William Parker, Hamid Drake- II- First Communion

Lake, Tchicai, Osgood, Westrergaard- Smiling Billy
Higgins- Lake, Tchicai, Osgood, Westrergaard (Passin’

Bley, Guiffre, Swallow- Even Steven, By the Way- The
Life of a Trio: Saturday (Owl/ Sunnyside)

Stephan Grappelli, Martial Solal- Et si on improsait-
Happy Reunion (Owl/ Sunnyside)

Ran Blake- Three Personalities- Wende (Owl/ Sunnyside)

Steve Swallow with Robert Creeley- Sufi Sam Christian-
So There (ECM)

Curtis Hasselbring- White Sauce Hot Sauce Boss?- New
Mellow Edwards (Skirl)

Afenginn- Foroyska kjotio- Akrobakkus (tutl)

Tin Hat- Blind Paper Dragon- The Sad Machinery of
Spring (Hannibal)

Brassum- Brown Blue- Brassum Live (pfMENTUM)

Matt Wison’s Arts and Crafts- Feel the Sway- The
Scenic Route (Pametto)

Flatlands Collective- Rabbits- Gnomade (Skycap)

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble- Black As Vera Cruz- Hot N’
Heavy (Delmark)

Robert Glasper- FTB- In My Element (Blue Note)

Ganelin Trio- Homage to Friends- Priority (NEMU)

Omer Avital Group- Homeland- The Ancient Art of Giving

Romano, Sclavis, Texier- African Panther- African
Flashback (Label Bleu)

Stefano Bollani- Buzzilare- Piano Solo (ECM)

John Lindberg, Karl Berger- 3-3-3-7- Duets 1 (Between
the Lines)

Taylor Ho Bynum, Tomas Fujiwara- Wisdom- True Events

Bethany and Rufus- 900 Miles- 900 Miles (Hyena)

Brad Shepik Trio- Temoin- Places You Go (Songlines)

Faye Victor Ensemble- Leap of Faith- Cartwheels
Through the Cosmos (Artiste Share)


Ethnic Heritage Ensemble- MT- Hot N’ Heavy (Delmark)

Art Ensemble of Chicago- Malachi- Non- Cognitive
Aspects of the City (PI)

Romano, Sclavis, Texier- Berbere- African Flashback
(Label Blue)

Celano, Baggiani Group- Hacia Un Lugar- Figuras (BAU)

Celano, Baggiani Group- Esperanzas- Self Titled (Self

Dino Saluzzi Group- Memoria- Juan Condori (ECM)

Troglodytes- Elephant- Ria (Floating Opera)

Big Octave- Blue Robbin- Big Octave (Lo Note)

Dave Burrell- Downfall- Momentum (High Two)

Gordon Grdina- 100 Years- Think Like the Waves

Steve Kuhn trio- Little Waltz- Live at Birdland (Blue

Ralph Allesi This Against That- It’s Just a Toy
(Between the Lines)

Scott Colley- Masoosong- Architect of the Silent
Moment (CAMjazz)

Kenny Werner- Kothbiro- Lawn Chair Society (Blue Note)

The Four Bags- Sanfonando- Live @Barbes (NCMEast)

Don Byron- Hewbie Steps Out- Do the Boomerang (Blue Note)

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