[JPL] XM - Sirius Merger in the New Yorker

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Sat Mar 17 05:55:12 EDT 2007

The voices are telling me eflash17 at comcast.net said on 3/15/2007 7:19 PM:

> Satellite Sisters
> by James Surowiecki
> Thanks to an intellectual revolution
> that, over the past three decades, has transformed the way the
> government assesses mergers and monopolies, we may yet end up with
> only one satellite-radio provider in America. And, surprisingly, we
> may be all the better for it.

Alas, the article, apart from its rampant boosterism for bigger is 
better corporations, fails to support a single one of its claims -- 
apart from identifying circumstances on the margins that might not be 
*quite* as awful as critics fear.

The "intellectual revolution" Surowiecki talks about is simply the 
decision by Republican and "pro-business" Democratic administrations not 
to enforce anti-trust laws. In the case of the Clinton administration, 
this was tempered by a reluctant willingness to prosecute the most 
grossly foul instances of corporate abuse of the public's trust. As the 
Bush administration showed by dropping the Microsoft case the moment 
they took office, the policy of real conservatives is not to enforce 
anti-trust laws at all.

Since when do we accept corporations not screwing us quite as hard as we 
feared they might as a blessing?
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