[JPL] music review - PETE CHRISTLIEB - Live at the Jazz Cave

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>From the March issue of the Los Angeles Jazz Scene :
Pete Christlieb 
Live At The Jazz Cave  (Cognito Music) 

     It is easy to take Pete Christlieb for granted. 
Whenever one hears him play, it can be expected that 
the tenor-saxophonist will take exciting extroverted 
solos that swing hard and feature a huge and warm 
tone. He can outswing just about anyone and needs 
little but a solid rhythm section and a repertoire of 
veteran standards to insure that the results will be 
     Such is the case with Live At The Jazz Cave. 
Christlieb is teamed with a four-piece rhythm section 
(pianist Lori Mechem, rhythm guitarist Andy Reiss, 
bassist Roger Spencer and drummer Chris Brown) for 
renditions of nine top-notch standards played before a 
respectful but enthusiastic audience. No real 
rehearsal took place between Christlieb and the 
Nashville-based rhythm section, nor was it needed. 
While the supporting cast works well as a unit, they 
primarily play a supportive role with Christlieb being 
the main star throughout. 
     Highlights include a slower-than-usual version of 
“Limehouse Blues,” “When Lights Are Low,” a warm 
rendition of Benny Carter’s Only Trust Your Heart” and 
a romping “The Song Is You.” Pete Christlieb’s tone is 
heard at its prime and there is enough variation in 
tempos and moods to hold one’s interest throughout. 
     Live At The Jazz Cave is easily recommended and 
available from Cognito (1322 Seventh Avenue North, 
Nashville, TN 37208). 

     Scott Yanow 

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