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Now, if Halliburton was the title sponsor....

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>This Week's JPL Sponsor: GRACE KELLY
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><<..It's not their fault, neither is it Dubai's, that this
>is  the biggest boondoggle in American  Military
>Therefore, it sounds like the diatribe that starts with "any place but
>Dubai" is just an excuse to mount a political soapbox. Not that I disagree 
>the logic of your post, just the apparency that the relocation of 
>should disqualify Dubai as the venue for an uplifting event.
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>This Week's Sponsor: GRACE KELLY
>GRACE KELLY ''Every Road I Walked'':  Saxophonist/vocalist/composer GRACE 
>KELLY might only be 14 years old, but she kicks out the tunes like the 
>seasoned pro she is.  ''Every Road I Walked'' is her 3rd cd and features 
>Terri Lyne Carrington, John Lockwood and Doug Johnson, with special guests 
>Christian Scott, Adam Larrabee, Rick McLaughlin and Jordan Perlson.
>Ms. Kelly  won four 2006 Down Beat Magazine Student Music Awards: Jazz 
>Soloist, Original Composition (''Fast Metabolism''), Pop/Rock/Blues 
>soloist, and Jazz Vocalist - Outstanding Performance.
>Some other awards include:
>-Winner of 2007 ASCAP Foundation Young Jazz Composer Award (''Every Road I 
>-Top woodwind soloist and the top vocal alto soloist at the 2007 Lionel 
>Hampton Jazz Festival.
>-First place 2006 International Chamber Music Ensemble Competition.
>-Grace was the youngest participant at the invitation only  Brubeck Summer 
>Jazz Colony in 2006.
>-Grace has been selected to participate in the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead 
>Residency Program in 2007 (Youngest) at Kennedy Center in Wash. D.C.
>-Selected for Massachusetts All-State Jazz Band 2007.
>She has been a student of New England Preparatory School since 
>2003.  Grace is or has studied with Lee Konitz, Jerry Bergonzi, Cedar 
>Walton, Phil Woods, Allan Chase,  Rebecca Parris, James Merenda, and 
>Jeremy Udden.
>''I first met Grace Kelly at the 2006 summer jazz program at Stanford 
>University. I was amazed at her precocity and talent. Recently she sat in 
>with me and the Jazz Ambassadors Jazz Band at the Pittsfield Jazz Fest. 
>and we jammed together through ''I'll Remember April.'' How did she sound? 
>I gave her my hat! That is how good she sounded! She is the first alto 
>player to get one. Hooray for the future of jazz and the alto sax!''
>.........Phil Woods
>This is Miss Kelly's 3rd CD, and it's a very nice one. Of course you know 
>Grace is 14 years on this planet, and is all ears and heart.  Beautiful 
>sound on her alto, and some lovely phrases to boot!
>Lester Young asked a young player after hearing a technical display, ''but 
>can you sing me a song?'' Grace can definitely do that.  Good rhythm, nice 
>arrangements, creative originals.  She sings like crazy!
>What more could we ask for?
>.....Lee Konitz
>Dear Grace,
>After hearing your project, I'm convinced that your talent is definitely 
>worthy of the attention of the Jazz community, and your future is 
>genuinely going to earn a high level of achievement.
>......Cedar Walton
>''The future of our music is in good hands.''
>.....Jimmy Heath.
>..........''the jazz world has another great reason to celebrate with the 
>arrival of Grace Kelly.  Her talent makes her a triple threat as a 
>brilliant saxophonist, a very gifted composer, and vocalist with great 
>feeling.  Her playing represents everything I love about jazz, swinging, 
>imagination, and the blues.  You must check out this 
>Cd         ...........Donald Brown
>''The best compliment I can give any player is that they are an 
>improviser. Grace is definitely an improviser. She does not play worked 
>out lines or get caught up in the latest fad. She plays and improvises in 
>the present. It's all about the music of the moment. She has an honest 
>freedom about her and she's connecting with the other musicians and having 
>fun making the music. That's why it feels free to me. Another great thing 
>about Grace is that she is comfortable and competent playing many 
>different styles of music''
>.....Jerry Bergonzi
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