[JPL] starBUX & Concord: Mel's reply 2 me.....

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Fri Mar 23 13:22:07 EDT 2007

Mel replied <<<<< Mmmm ????? Well maybe you prefer the communist system.The
communists pirate music CD's and DVD's is that better  system?
Maybe  the next CD will be Jazz. If not I'll go the Dunkin  Donuts or Krispy
Kreme instead of Starbucks.
That's what I like about  Capitalism. Melodious Mel  >>>>>>>>>>>

You have known me for many years, since you first began volunteering for
WDNA and eventually became an on-air host. We have been at the same events
many a time, we have a close friendship with the same person, we've spent
hours and hours at the station talking about a myriad of subjects, have I
ever given you the impression that I am a communist? You know better than
that, you know I am a Cuban-United Statesian, so to call me a communist is
hitting extra hard below the belt.

You misread or didn't understand the point of my remark, I am not against
free enterprise by individuals, in fact I am a strong proponent of it. What
I am against is the corporate buy out of the small entrepenuer who just
wants to earn a living, the multi-national corporations are making that more
difficult every day. You were a former route salesperson in the "schmanta"
business, what if back then a giant corporation bought out all the stores
you sold to? What has my statement have to do with the Chinese pirating
music? You took my post to an extreme opposite of its intention Sour Note
Mel and I don't like you putting words in my mouth. If you were unclear
about my remark, why didn't you write me directly?

Arturo Gómez

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