[JPL] Fwd: WRUV CMJ #1003 playlists: Jazz, Jazz Adds

Amy/Eric pearl3leff at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 27 21:50:30 EDT 2007

Greetings from  WRUV in Burlington, Vermont,
Here are some playlists and our recent CMJ chart. As
always we enjoy the opportunity to support the music.
Please contact me if you have questions about music
being played here. These are my playlist only and
there are other programs that present jazz, blues,
creative improvised music WRUV.

Eric Leff
Jazz/ blues music director
Billings Student Center
University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont 05465


Anat Cohen and the Anzic Orchestra- It Never Entered
My Mind- Noir (Anzic)

Third World Love- A Touch of Tahini- Sketch of Tel
Aviv (Smalls)

Omer Avital- Arrival- The Anceint Art of Giving

Anat Cohen- Hofim- Poetica (Anzic)

Anat Fort- Not the Perfect Storm- A Long Story (ECM)

Enrico Rava Quintet- Bob the Cat- The Words and the
Days (ECM)

Curtis Hasselbring- Mamacita- The New Mellow Edwards

Human Feel- After the Fact- Galore (Skirl)

Dave Frank- Shades of Renoir- Ballads and Burners

Frank Foster- Simone- Well Water (Piadrum)

Kenny Werner- New Amsterdam- Lawnchair Society (Blue

KCP5- Varnum- Many Ways (Double Moon/ Challenge)

Alex Toth and the Lazybirds- Birdhead- Birdhead

James Falzone’s Allos Musica- A Chord of Three
Strands...Broken- The Sign and the Thing Signified

Taylor Ho Bynum- Bluebird of Dehli- The Middle Picture
(Firehouse 12)

The Rocco John Group- Gentilesse- Don’t Wait Too Long

Luciana Souza- Sanbadalu- Brazilian Dous II


Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Wayne Peet- It Can Be Thick-
Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Wayne Peet

Brad Dutz- Spongy Bark- When Manatees Attack

Steuart Liebig /The Mentones- Back Seat White
Cadillac- Nowhere Calling (pfMENTUM)

Rich West- LePetumane- Heavenly Breakfast (pfMENTUM)

Luciana Souza- No Carnaval Vento- Dous II (Sunnyside)

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet- Baiao De Gude- Air and
Ground (Sony)

Stephane Grappelli, Martial Solal- Parisian
Thouroughfare- Happy Reunion (Owl)

Sylvain Luc- Fandanguito- Joko (Dreyfus)

Scott Tinkler- Let- Backwards (Extreme)

Michael Marcus, Ted Daniel- Spiral Landscape

Taylor Ho Bynum, Tomas Fujiwara- Five Miniatures- True
Events (482)

Ralph Alessi’s This Against That- Hands- Look (Between
the Lines)

Gordon Grdina’s Boxcutter- Kenton and I- Unlearn

Anat Fort- Not the Perfect Storm- A Long Story (ECM)

William Parker, Hamid Drake- Japeru- Peircing the Veil
(AUM Fidelity)

Cooke Quintet- Ha Me Aggel- An Indefinite Suspension
of the Possible (Black Hat)

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> ---------------------------------
> WRUV Playlists for CMJ NMR Issue #1003
> Jazz
>   RankArtistRecordingLabelUser Supplied
> VeilAum Fidelity 2COOKE QUARTETAn Indefinite
> Suspension Of The PossibleBlack Hat 3RALPH ALESSI
> *Look *between the lines * waiting for CMJ
> verification 4MIKE DILLON’S GO-GO JUNGLE Battery
> MilkHyena 5ETHNIC HERITAGE ENSEMBLEhot n heavy: live
> at the ascension loftDelmark 6STEPHANE
> ReunionSunnyside 7GORDON GRDINA'S BOX
> Emerald Beyond 9PAT METHENY/BRAD
> With
> LoveBlue Note 
> * indicates information which has not yet been
> verifiedby CMJ staff.
> Jazz Adds
>   RankArtistRecordingLabelUser Supplied
> Version1HUMAN
> FEEL *Galore *Skirl * waiting for CMJ verification
> 2FRANK FOSTERWell WaterPiadrum 3ANAT FORTA Long
> StoryECM 4ROCCO JOHN GROUPDon't Wait Too Long...
> COHEN *Noir *Anzic * waiting for CMJ verification 
> * indicates information which has not yet been
> verifiedby CMJ staff.
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