[JPL] KUVO awarded construction permit in Vail, CO by FCC

Doug Crane dcrane at comcast.net
Wed Mar 28 13:05:56 EDT 2007


from the above document:

Adopted:  March 22, 2007                                                                 Released:  March 27, 2007
         251.      Group 970738.  Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED, That Denver Educational Broadcasting, Inc. is TENTATIVELY SELECTED to be awarded a construction permit for a new NCE FM station in Vail, Colorado.  We direct the staff to issue a public notice announcing the tentative selectee in NCE Group 970738 and establishing a deadline thirty (30) days thereafter for the filing of petitions to deny.  If, after the petition to deny period has run, there is no substantial and material question concerning the grantability of the tentative selectee’s application, we direct the staff TO DISMISS the mutually exclusive application of Public Broadcasting of Colorado, Inc. (File No. BPED-19970714MB), and TO GRANT the application of Denver Educational Broadcasting, Inc. (File No. BPED-19980123MO) CONDITIONED UPON that selectee’s compliance with Section 73.7005 of the Commission’s Rules, 47 C.F.R. § 73.7005, which sets forth a four-year holding period for applicants that are awarded permits by
 use of a point system. 


Public Broadcasting of Colorado (Colorado Public Radio) operates a full-time classical station, programming sourced almost exclusively from the Classical Public Radio Network (CPRN) as well as an NPR news/talk station.  At present in Vail, their lone station airs programming from both outlets.  It was their hope that they could gain an additional station.  

There was also a religious broadcaster vying for the permit but it appears that the FCC felt that their request had the least merit or that they gave up their attempt.

Some residents of Vail have been actively campaigning for KUVO's signal to be heard in the Vail Valley for years.  It appears they're getting closer.

As for dial position and power: 88.5, 1.9 kW

Congrats to Carlos, Arturo, et al.!

Doug Crane
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