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Still Another Jazz Show  Mar 19
JOEY DeFRANCESCO    “Cherokee”   “I'm In The Mood For
RANDY CRAWFORD & JOE SAMPLE   “Rio De Janiero Blues” 
“All Night Long”
“Tell Me More And Then Some”  
DAKOTA STATON “I'm Left With The Blues In My Heart”
LARRY HAM     “Carousel”    CAROUSEL     West Village
“There'll Be A Time”    WELL WATER     Piadrum Records
PATTI AUSTIN   “Overture/Gershwin Medley”   AVANT
GERSHWIN  Rendezvous
HEART    OA2 Records
“Groove Merchant”  “Birdsong”   IPO Records
This edition of SAJS starts with the Philly steak
style of JOEY DeFRANCESCO and his new LIVE: AN
This is a recent live recording with the great tenor
saxophonist George Coleman at Yoshi's a world renown
jazz club in Oakland across the bay from SF.  Joey
DeFrancesco, one of todays great Hammond B-3 organist
in the tradition of the late Philly great Jimmy Smith,
Chicago Jack  Mc Duff, Charles Earland also from
Philadelphia. We played “Cherokee', ” a hard bop
favorite of Clifford Brown with ten9or saxophonist
George Coleman, underrated, yet most heralded in jazz
communities.   This has the favor of the old days.
Makes you wish you were there when they recorded it at
Yoshi's on the Embarcadero.   If you  just quit
smoking this version may tempt you! Let you mind take
a long drag off this live recording.   We also played
“I'm In The Mood For Love” with Coleen McNabb and
DeFrancesco on  keyboards.  Actually, Colleen's vocal
is setting the scene for a comparison of romance,
blues, yesterday's  and today's  lady sophisticated
blues singers.
RANDY CRAWFORD fits the category with JOE SAMPLE  and
the new cd, FEELING GOOD.  We played a Randy Crawford
hit from the late eighties “Rio De Janiero Blues.”
This is so good,  a glorious repose to obsessive lost
love. When you hear this you know , you never
forget... memories  that surface in rem sleep fantasy
through your life.
The arrangement is basic bossa blues with  a Sample
touch. If you're pseudo funky sophisticated romantic
like me, then you'll cop to Crawford's rendition.
In an effort to try and compare Randy Crawford with
two other great city blues singers,   We closed the
first segment  with  Randy's version of “All Night
Our efforts here are to compare Randy Crawford with
the great Dakota Staton and Nancy Wilson.   
We featured GEORGE SHEARING & FRIENDS  with some of
the era's great big city jazz singers to open the 2nd
segment of  SAJS . Nancy Wilson follows with her
version of “All Night Long.” I assume this is a
compilation of Capital Records artists appearing with
George Shearing, Nat Cole, Nancy Wilson, Peggy Lee and
Dakota Staton.  CAUTION: This CD will drive after
hours lovers into uncompromising situations and your
show and radio station could be held accountable.
To get on with that feeling we followed up with Randy
Crawford's version of Billy Holiday's “Tell Me More
and More and Then Some.”
For a real timber comparison,  we played Dakota Staton
and “I'm left With the Blues In My Heart,” a very hip
classy version with the George Shearing Quintet.
And if you not hip to Dakota Staton, you've missed so
much , for there are those out there who are devotees,
who swear by her authenticity; Dakota cult followers. 
“The Late Late Show” was her greatest hit.   
Dakota Staton had a hard core following in the fifties
and early sixties and a favorite on the clear channel
AM late night jazz shows across the country. 
Listen to the Joe Williams performance  at the  1957
Newport Jazz Festival on RCA records and follow  up
with Dakota Staton and the 'Late Late Show.'
Pianist LARRY HAM from Brooklyn concludes this segment
with the title tune from his new CAROUSEL cd.  Ham is
a no nonsense  noir minimalist post modern jazz
pianist of which is Larry Vuckovich, his West Coast
off the second hour of SAJS.  Recorded in 1977 at the
height of his illustrious career as an arranger,
writer, leader and saxophonist, WELL WATER has just
been released to mark it's  30th anniversary. The kid
from Cincinnati came to Detroit with Snooky Young,
trumpet player in 1949 and got right into the bop
scene, where he met his wife Cecilia, sister of Elvin
Jones and the other prominent Joneses. No doubt Thad
was around there at the time. In fact, David Jones,
not a musician, wrote “There'll Be A Time” on this CD.
So you understand Foster's matriculation into the
fervent fifties jazz scene eventually becoming a part
of the Basie band, along with other Detroiters, Curtis
Fuller, Thad and Elvin Jones. And the head and
arranger for the Basie band and writer of one of
Basie's best, “Shiny Stockings.”
This is good information leading up this recording
that features Foster at the top of his game with this
super 20 piece,  THE LOUD MINORITY BIG BAND.   We
played Clifford Brown's classic “Joy Spring”  as
Foster gets as much out of this arrangement as anybody
can get! Then David Jones, “There'll Be Another Time,”
a fine big city blues ballad providing a nice change
of pace.   There are some great solos on this cd with
the late C.I. Sullivan, alto saxophone and flute,
Cecil Bridgewater, trumpet, Mickey Tucker, piano,
Elvin Jones, drums and the effervescent  sound of
Frank Foster.
PATTI AUSTIN is next with THE WDR BIG BAND of Koln and
her new cd, AVANT GERSHWIN.  We played
“Overture/Gershwin Medley” to conclude this segment.
In case you're not familiar, she's a great classy
singer, whose known for her voice work on major labels
throughout the years as a smooth jazz artist andf
other projects. She has great vocal timber and pitch
with a presence  you don't forget easily. She makes a
lasting impression.  Her sound lingers in your cortex
awhile, unlike the more unrecognizable.   Patti teams
up with pianist arranger Michael Abene and the worlds
greatest WDR big band for a memorable performance in
Gershwin's greatest.    
Vocalist JEFF BAKER  from Seattle leads off the last
segment of SAJS with his new cd,  SHOPPING FOR YOUR
HEART.   JEFF BAKER sings jazz and does it very well,
letting the lyric take him where he want to go.    He
has the OA2 core group backing him with Bill Anschell,
piano, Brent Jensen, saxophones, Jeff Johnson, bass
and John Bishop, drums, and a good ensemble, backing a
jazz singer can make a difference.   We played Miles
Davis, “All Blues”  as it's notable what this group is
all about. Kicks Ass right off. Jeff Baker is a very
good jazz singer and this band makes it all the more
THE MUSIC OF THAD JONES is next, part two of a release
last year. This one's called ONE MORE: THE SUMMARY.  
This nonet has every good jazz musician over the last
sixty years. James Moody, Benny Golson, Frank Wess,
Hank Jones, Eddie Daniels, Jimmy Owens,  John Mosca,
Kenny Washington and Richard Davis.  We played “Groove
Merchant” by Jerome Richardson and “Birdsong” by Thad
Jones. This format offers the musicians the
flexibility of  jamming, “trading licks.” And they do
just that with reverence to those days with Jones
family elder statesman on board, Hank Jones. As if to
say, “hey brother, got you covered!”
ENRICO RAVA QUINTET concludes with a selection from
their new CD, THE WORDS AND THE DAYS.   We played Russ
Freeman's “The Wind” slow and definite with Enrico's 
trumpet interconnecting with Gianluca's loping
trombone. The sound is lurid art deco in intent. These
two guys dance around each other as two bulls
encircling the ring. “Echos Of Duke” is more elegant,
appealing to Duke's grandiose nature `as more spirited
interplay between Enrico and Gianluca leads one's ying
to the other one's  yang. 
Peace and desirous by nature

Dick Crockett
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