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As appearing in the current issue of the weekly Westword, the annual "Best
of Denver" issue....

Best Jazz Station Here or Anywhere

Jazz radio signals are an endangered species in these United States, and for
a while late last year, the folks at KUVO feared their station was bound for
extinction, too. But while there have been painful behind-the-scenes changes
and job cuts, the format appears to be safe for the time being. And that's
great news, since KUVO, which JazzWeek magazine named the nation's best jazz
broadcaster in both 2005 and 2006, remains a local treasure. Long may it

P 40 in the real Westword

Best Jazz Jam
The Meadowlark
2701 Larimer St.

Joshua Trinidad has a handle on jazz. As host of the Thursday-night Jazz
Odyssey show on KUVO, the guy regularly gives spins to cats like David
Murray, Matthew Shipp and the Bad Plus. The inventive trumpeter and his
Sputter bandmate, drummer David Kurtz, have teamed up as Cougar Legs to host
Monday-night jam sessions at the Meadowlark, in which like-minded players
come down to improvise together. Monk and Dizzy once turned Minton's
Playhouse on New York's 52nd Street into a bebop laboratory, and the
Meadowlark just might be the Denver equivalent. It's the type of place where
cats who've never met can vibe off each other in an exploratory setting. The
jam has grown by word of mouth over the past few months, even attracting
non-jazz-centric players.

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