[JPL] correction KKJZ

Doug Crane dcrane at comcast.net
Fri Mar 30 19:16:35 EDT 2007

The LA Times story that I cut and pasted was correct.  Saul swapped 
the formats of the stations in the last couple of months.  I believe 
I posted the earlier Times story about that change here on the JPL.

My stepdaughter, who lives in Irvine, CA happened upon the format 
change recently and could not believe her ears.  (She likes classical 
music, not country thank goodness!)

KMZT is now on the AM band airing classical music, KKGO is playing 
country on FM.

And what's with Steve Carney writing TV and radio columns?  Didn't he 
used to cover political stories?  Was it the only way he could keep 
his job at the Times?

Doug Crane
KUVO Denver

At 04:24 PM 3/30/2007, you wrote:

>       I read the email posted on the JPL in regard to Saul Levine and
>KKJZ .  While all the particulars  were accurate ,,, there was in fact
>a   mistake in regard to KMZT and Saul's other station that airs
>country . KMZT is the FM station at 105.5 ,,, the country station or
>whatever the format is on the AM band . Been there ,,, worked there
>when it was 24/7 jazz / George Fuller - Facilities Director KRML Carmel.

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