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Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 13:40:40 EDT 2007

>From a musicians perspective playing with the chord-less trio presents and interesting set of musical possibilities......good, bad or indifferent. Saxophone and bass are inherently melodic instruments.....mainly single note line capability.......but bass players can create two and three note "chords" and doing so more frequently. That said and because of this limited ability to create the chord the pressure of "hearing" the chord becomes almost necessary. One could ask if it really is but with a sax, bass and drums lineup.....particularly when you're playing standard II V material....I think it is. If not the song is incomplete IMO. This is were the harmonic knowledge of the melodic players has to come through and it does one each track.  
  When I got started playing jazz I came into it mainly in the sax, bass and drums set up. Working with saxophonist Abdu Salim (check him out at www.myspace.com/abdusalim) opened my ears in a unique way to interpreting rhythm without the chords paralleling it. I guess in many ways this is the reason I find this recording so much fun. It takes me back to my introduction to this great music as a jazz performing artist. The intriguing thing for me here are the concepts each different rhythm section brings to the songs. My favs are with Eric Harland. "I'm An Old Cowhand" is a quirky tune anyway but with an obvious nod to Newk he cleverly arranges the piece to fit it's current "time." Metheny talks about this in the current JazzTimes.....identifying a piece by the period it was recorded. Joshua is smart as hell and he's definitely put some serious time into these arrangements.
  I'm curious if not having the chords makes some programmers hesitant on playing the disc. I'm sure the name helps but if it were Putney Swope it might have a different response. Maybe that would take some folk back and put a smile on their face.    
  Jae Sinnett 

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