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  I understand Rick. Believe me. My point got taken into a different direction but was more related to the difference in the chord sound and not so much the scale. Technical talk I know for some on this list but it's still an interesting discussion. What's intriging to me is how a chord sound can be "perceived" when it's played one note at a time. I gave my current students an ear training test not long ago in where I wanted them to identify chords by sound. I played them as "harmony" and slowly "arpeggiated." It was interesting in how they responded. It was more difficult for them to guess the chord when played one note at a time. Strong tones....3rd, 7th...no but with altered ....yes. Not sure what this particular group struggled with this but it made me think that if they are having a hard time with this imagine what general listeners think. My last group did fine either way. It varies from group to group. 

On Tuesday, May 1, 2007, at 03:18 PM, Rick McLaughlin wrote:

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> Hey Jae,
> A quick thing about this whole Eb7 over G7 bit. Basically, it results 
> in
> the altered scale, which is sort of a Jazz Improvisation 101 scale 
> (there is
> one different note, but it's essentially the altered scale). The two 
> chords
> may be very different, but they result in something that sounds just 
> like
> "Jazz." Arpeggiate it, play it as a scale, select a melody from the 
> notes
> in the scale, and no matter what - ascending, descending, in 3rds, 
> 4ths,
> anything - everyone on this list will recognize the sound.
> Thanks,
> Rick McLaughlin


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