[JPL] Ornette - the truth can finally be told

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Wed May 2 12:23:14 EDT 2007

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Re: [JPL] Ornette - the truth can finally be told

One of the great musicians living today who's worked hard and made
innovations in reconciling the wild abandon of freely improvised music
with composition is Roscoe Mitchell. Though the balance between
composition and improvisation is one of the great threads tying
together the music's evolution.

Hear, hear!

Roscoe, for all his important work, has not been as widely celebrated as
the others Lazaro mentioned. He's been one of my main inspirations for
decades. We've been talking about doing a project together for a few
years now, and I keep applying for funding and getting turned down.
Rumor is he may be accepting the Darius Milhaud chair of composition at
Mills College (in Oakland - my home base). That would be fantastic to
have him out here on the west coast for a while. He has admitted to me
that since the Art Ensemble doesn't really work as much these days, that
times have been hard for him financially. What a tragedy that someone
that talented, that influential, doesn't have real financial security...

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