[JPL] Day of Silence scheduled May 8??

georgetfuller at juno.com georgetfuller at juno.com
Wed May 2 19:46:30 EDT 2007

     OK , from what I understand from visiting the web page of the organized  "A day of silence",, thier concern is that in the future there will be imposed fees for every track played as well as fees for each listener  ,,, or something of that nature // First of all web radio is still in it's infantcy // and everyone that sees it as a carreer or a job or whatever sees a cash flow in thier direction // and now the people that do not want more fees are saying let's be silence to protest //  to me it sounds like someone saying  " let's not work so that we will get paid " // I got on the air 33 years ago and have never stopped paying my dues but have also found an avenue to earn bread - and proud to say that I have only worked in Jazz radio - creativity does not only apply to programming your show but also in all areas of radio from copywrite to sales // George Fuller Facilities Director KRML Carmel, Ca. ( if there is an avenue to broadcast our signal ,, then we want it all )

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