[JPL] I gave this article five stars.

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Wed May 2 22:27:19 EDT 2007

Hi Ed...

I'll take the risk and believe that it was more than the fact he didn't like 
it.  I'm not a betting man usually but this is one bet I'll take. 
Considering your fondness for Wynton I'll just consider the source and move 

Bobby Jackson
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> I remember Jim Wilke when you posted  a critique of this work and told us
> that the critic gave it one star.   I was appalled and let it be known
> then.  When a critic gives a work  like this ONE star, he has an agenda
> that never addressed the work.   There's something else going on..>>
> That's a pretty risky assertion. It suggests (hell, it comes out and
> accuses) that someone who doesn't like the artistic content of the work 
> must have
> dark motives. Might it be that the critic just didn't like it on its 
> artistic
> merit?
> Ed
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