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  I'll start this by saying I don't need your sarcasm. Really. Secondly, I am a musician and a good one so your "musicians point of view" in this case was unnecessary. I'm also a programmer. I understand very clearly about the "open" possibilities the chordless trio presents and it's arrogant for you to assume that perhaps I don't. Why else would you share that info and have it attached to my post? Your response explaining your musical example from my perspective can be interpreted that I don't know these things.....particularly when I didn't asked for the information you took it upon yourself to share - as a response to my post. Mine really was about why I like Joshua's CD and a little about why for some it's difficult to hear the chordless trio. Your explanation of how scales can be used had little to do with what I was talking about....even as a "sidebar." As a separate train of thought it's good info to share but not in this case. There are no "rules" here outside of
 respecting the other person but a little more careful reading of ones post before you respond....at least to mine..... would be appreciated. 
  Jae Sinnett

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My initial point about this turned into something else.....a classroom
about how you can use scales which was puzzling to me and really added
nothing to what I was talking about.

Excuse me, I'm new to the list, and don't really know "the rules" around

My intention (which seems to have failed), was merely to add a sidebar
from a musician's point of view to the discussion about the Joshua
Redmond Trio; about how that particular lineup (saxophone-bass-drums -
actually, it could be any horn trio, or a guitar trio for that matter)
has offered a lot of freedom to improvisers due to the "open-ness"
provided when the piano or guitar are absent from the traditional rhythm
section. My tonal illustration was merely that - an illustration of why,
harmonically, it's a more open field.

Excuse me for stepping on your well-waxed shoes...no harm, no foul, I


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