[JPL] new Cyrus Chestnut CD: A tribute to Elvis

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On Thursday 03 May 2007 08:43, EdBride at aol.com wrote:
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> <<..Cyrus Chestnut who performed
> selections from his  forthcoming release in tribute to Elvis Presley..>>
> I look forward to hearing this. Elvis' early material had a solid footing 
> in the blues. It was years after I heard his "Hound Dog" before I realized
> that he wasn't the first to record it.
> Ed

I am a little vague on my Elvis history. (I have been to Graceland!) If I 
remember correctly he did a number of songs written by a writer named Otis 
Blackwell who was based in Brooklyn but didn't record much. Elvis also was 
said to like the music of Arthur Big Boy Crudup. Maybe I've got the details 
wrong but I'm pretty sure these are the names of some folks who were 
musically significant to Elvis.

In the 19th century in America, minstrelsy was one of the most popular forms 
of entertainment. Perhaps for a time it was the most popular form of 
entertainment. Minstrelsy was at best, an imitation of African-American life 
and music. Often it was a mockery. The irony is that some of the songs 
eventually became became popular in the African American community. Although 
I don't know of Elvis being disrespectful of the music, I still was struck 
with the similarity.

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