[JPL] about the non-com charts..

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Thu May 3 10:11:41 EDT 2007

having two charts is a good idea. ed obviously likes to have higher spin  
counts for his second chart than what he's getting only from the college radio  
jazz that's monitored by media guide, which is fine--it's his chart. what's  
unclear to me are the parameters that define these two charts. both  charts 
mostly consist of non-commercial radio, but one has a couple of  commercial 
stations reporting, and the other has several colleges reporting,  along with some 
other community radio stations that play a minimal amount of  jazz. is it that 
the "Jazz" chart mostly includes full-time jazz stations, where  the "NonComm 
Jazz" chart consists mostly of stations that play jazz part time?  if so, 
perhaps calling them "Jazz" and "Specialty Jazz" or something like that  would 
help clarify. not sure.

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