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  I think listeners appreciate more than we know the chance we give them to learn....something.....in this case about this great music....on our shows. I know education has always been a part of your perspective and those that tune in can't help but feeling like they are a part of something significant when they listen. That's key in my book because it places value......on things they may not understand out of the gate. Too often folk run away from things they don't understand but the educational component creates a safe haven if you will. 
  When I played those trios in my classes it was simply to see how folk would respond. Many times as a teacher this gives.....at least in my case......me a point of departure with them. Sometimes just playing, observing and not saying anything can give you the answers. I've learned that as knowledgeable as we may be about this music there is always a perspective we missed when it comes to how folk comprehend what we present to them. 
  I remember Bill Evans talking about how we should really listen to those that don't understand what we do.....in the sense of how they interpret what we do. I thought about that for a long time. Your point about what's there is obvious and interestingly enough it reveals more of what isn't. I'm reminded of Hegelianism....Hegel's philosophy of how affirmation evokes its natural opposite to become unified. Once you understand what is there you understand what isn't and then it all makes sense. That is in my opinion the core delimma with jazz.....

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Yes, Jae, educating the community. Small step: I'll be moderating a
presentation (film, live music, discussion) on Early Jazz this Sunday
afternoon at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids. This is the first in
a six segment series on the history of jazz -- here's hoping they get
a crowd. The series is being presented by The Community Media Center
of Grand Rapids (www.grcmc.org). Should be cool.

As far as educating the audience via the radio, Blue Lake has a
nightly feature called "The Jazz Retrospective" which focuses on a
single artist in each hour of our nightly five hour program. Tonight
it's John Lewis. Concentrated programming such as that really seems to
help, despite Sound Exchange's position to the contrary.

As to the "problems" enumerated by your audience Jae, yikes! 1939,
Body and Soul, and the whole country "got"it. Now? "The needle
(stylus) and the damage done."

If a sax, bass, drums trio has something missing, what about a
trombone, sax, drums instrumentation such as The Ethnic Heritage
Ensemble? Maybe a focus on what's there rather than what's not is the
first step.

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