[JPL] PLAYLIST - "Um Toque de Jazz" (Portuguese Public Radio) - 1st. weekend of May

Manuel Jorge Veloso mjveloso at netcabo.pt
Thu May 3 12:09:57 EDT 2007

"Um Toque de Jazz» 
Hosted and produced by Manuel Jorge Veloso
(RDP/Antena 2 - Portuguese Public Radio)

Program Schedule:

Saturdays, 11:05/12:00 pm (Lisbon), 10:05/11:00 pm (GMT), 06:05/07:00 pm (NY), 03:05/04:00 pm (LA)
New releases, special reissues, overviews about jazz musicians and styles

Sundays, 11:05/12:00 pm (Lisbon), 10:05/11:00 pm (GMT), 06:05/07:00 pm (NY), 03:05/04:00 pm (LA)
Live recorded CDs, european concerts or club broadcastings

Webcast: mms://rdp.oninet.pt/antena2

Playlist for May 2007 (1sr weekend)

05.05.07 - Recent Releases (4) - "Judgment" (Pete Zimmer Quintet / Tippin' Records); "Round Trip" (Marilyn Harris w. the L.A. All-Stars Big Band / Wrightwood Records); "L' Imparfait des Langues" (Louis Sclavis Quintet / ECM); "Torque" (Brian Groder Quartet / Latham Records); "Duets" (Tony Bennett / Columbia); "The Uncle Wiggly Suite» (Bill Fox / Clean Feed). 

06.05.07 - "Live at The Artist's Quarter - "Whereas" by the Roy Haynes' "Fountain of Youth Band" (Dreyfus), with Jaleel Shaw (alto-sax), Robert Rodriguez (piano) amd John Sullivan (drums). Recorded 20 / 22.01.06. 

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