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<<..Bobby said timely. Yes, and time will decide it's impact.  We've become a 
cynical breed when it comes to giving credit where credit is  due. Someone 
once said that critics know more than they think those who aren't  - ought to - 
so one can take that review solely as that writers opinion. One  of the things 
about jazz is that it's always reflected the times - or at least  should in 
some way. An artist that can accurately bring to life the times the  music is 
intended to reflect has accomplished most of it's  purpose..>>
Jae et.al.,
I happen to be a fan and admirer of Wynton's, although I sometimes wish he  
would ratchtet-back some of his pontifications. But to equate being timely with 
 artistic achievement is beyond my ability to comprehend. All I'm suggesting 
is  that the critic who gave the recording one star did not owe any extra 
slack to  "timeliness."
I think I'm all argued-out on this,


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