[JPL] I gave this article five stars-Weather Report's one star

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This debate reminds me of the anger expressed by Weather Report (and 
their fans) when DB gave a one-star review to Mr. Gone ('78). WR's 
attitude at the time was: It's not possible that we would record 
something that would be given (as low as) a one-star rating.

I found this on Wikipedia:
According to Down Beat magazine, "Zawinul, Shorter, et. al. have made 
the controversial music a commercial product; unfortunately ... 
Weather Report has over-orchestrated its sound." The album was quickly 
certified Gold, being the follow-up to the widely successful Heavy 
Weather and topped out at #52 on the Billboard music charts.

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> <<..Well the recording is "timely" Ed in it's social commentary  
> but my 
> position is that it's an artistic achievement on its own creative  
> merits..>> 
> Bobby had said (or at least suggested) that the fact that it was 
> "timely"  
> should be worth some extra points. That is the only area of 
> disagreement. 
> The critic who gave the recording one star apparently didn't think 
> (or  did 
> not consider) that "timeliness" is a substitute for artistic 
> merit. I  cannot 
> speak to why the critic did not like the recording, and I haven't 
> even  heard 
> it yet. We're just debating the single point of whether an 
> artistic effort  
> should be given extra credit for timeliness.
> Ed
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