[JPL] Jazz pianist Jeff Jenkins goes electric with his new fusion band, featuring John Abercrombie

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Mon Oct 1 18:49:28 EDT 2007

Denver based jazz pianist Jeff Jenkins has a new band and Cd called "Cique"
(pronounced 'sick') and it's an excellent modern validation to the era when
jazz musicians began playing fusion. In fact, special guest John Abercrombie
had this to say about his participation on Cique: "It was a great pleasure
to play on Jeff's new Cd. The tunes I appear on - particularly 'MD Time' and
'Rock Walk' - truly reflect the period of electric jazz I was involved in
and it was a ball to revisit that era with Jeff and his great band" 

For more information or copies of this Cd, please contact: 


Mitchell Feldman/MFA - Jazz Publicity & Radio Promotion
2059 Heckle st.
Augusta, GA 30904
Phone: 706.550.0263.
Cell: 303.641.4783
Email: mitchellFeldmanAssociates at comcast.net 


As the resident fusion fanatic here, I thought I should bring this
remarkable Cd to your attention as it's a rare treat when real jazz
musicians proclaim their music as fusion. For myself, I found the music
really did ring true of the day when great jazz musicians and not
'technically trained headless wonders' played fusion. As a fusion fan that
has his heart on the jazz side of the fulcrum, I really enjoyed this music
from beginning to end and hope you do as well.  



Rick Calic

For anyone interested, my review can be read here



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