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Tue Oct 2 11:10:59 EDT 2007

> Yeah man,
> How's Russ Gershon? Was this radio segment promoting a local concert?
> LV

I always enjoy talking to Russ. He is an interesting guy with great 
stories to tell.

Although the event has passed, I've copied the announcement here so you 
can see what they were on my show promoting.

The Somerville Theatre
Davis Square, Somerville MA
September 29, 2007: 8 pm
with special guests
Hana Shenkute, Setegn Atanaw, Minale Dagnew and Mulatu Astatke
tix: $28   http://www.worldmusic.org/

Many of you will remember the wonderful show in 2006 at the Berklee 
Performance Center, combining Ethiopian traditional music, Ethio-pop and 
Ethio-jazz.  This will be a reprise, plus we'll have the presence of our 
Ethiopian "uncle" - Mulatu Astatke, who is spending this academic year 
in Cambridge as a Radcliffe Fellow working on a opera based on Ethiopian 
church music.  (I've heard the first part and it's amazing.)

Hana Shenkute is a terrific singer, Setegn Atanaw a virtuoso of the 
masinko (one-string violin) and Minale Dagnew plays the meanest krar 
(lyre) this side of Addis.

Mulatu, Hana, Setegn, Minale and I are also doing a Learning from 
Performers lecture/demo at Harvard U., which is open to the public:

"From Azmari to Jazz and Pop: Ethiopian Traditional and Modern Music."
September 28, 3 pm
New College Theatre Rehearsal Studio, 10-12 Holyoke St., Cambridge
For more information, call 617.495.8676.

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