[JPL] Cyrus and Elvis

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 2 23:26:31 EDT 2007

Hmmmmm.......makes me think about when I was young and would look forward to watching an Elvis movie. Blissful ignorance I guess. How he would occasionally sneak in a "blues" number or two. The stories of him going to Beale Street to check out B.B., Rufus Thomas, Junior Parker and others are documented...performing the music of many black artists and rarely mentioning whose music he was performing...to give them credit or how he would go to the blues museums in Mississippi and check out tapes of black blues performers...stealing their dance moves. Then I found out how the royalties weren't being paid to these black artists. I'm quite sure that IF there is a song Elvis wrote on the Cyrus disc I would bet his estate would certainly be paid. Hard to over look those things but if Cyrus wanted the attention for doing a project like this I guess he'll get it...if for no other reason for its bundle of peculiarity. 
  Jae Sinnett

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