[JPL] 2 VIP birthdays on October 9th MIA

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Oct 3 17:38:44 EDT 2007

Couldn't help to notice on the Jazz Week birthday list that 2 outstanding
pianists born on October 9th are MIA. Coincidently they are father and son,
Ramón "Bebo" Valdés and Jesús "Chucho" Valdés were both born on October 9th,
Bebo aka "El Caballón"(the big horse)1918 and his son in 1941. Both were
born in the town of Quivicán in the Habana province. What are the odds of 2
fabulous father and son pianists being born on the same date. On October
10th another fine Cuban pianist was born Hilario Durán, now living in
Toronto was born in 1953. I hope to catch up with him and see his band play
while at the IAJE-January 2008.

Recently Bebo and Chucho played several dates together in Spain and there
was a recording made with both, their first since Calle 54. In the late 50s
while Bebo conducting his Sabor de Cuba big band at the famed Tropicana club
in Havana, oft times the teenage Chucho would be at the piano.


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