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Sat Oct 6 12:22:03 EDT 2007

 d'amphibians - Esther C. - Water Tight

Barney McClure Trio - Spot - Spot

All She Wrote - Once the Ice Caps Melt - CD single

Johnny Max Band - Write Your Name - A Lesson I've Learned

Brett Perkins - Ed & Betty's (Ways That We're All the Same) - CD single

Vicky Emerson - Where Are You Now - Reach

B. C. Read - So Glad - Acoustic Rainbow, Vol. 29 (various artists)

Christine Lavin - Tom Cruise Scares Me - Happydance of the Xenophobes

Emily Kurn - We Built A Mountain - Things Change

Roger McGuinn - Wanderin' - Blue Highways, Volume One (various)

Blake Morgan - Danger to Wake You - Silencer

Eddie Zip - Like Your Kinda Love - Night in New Orleans

Utah Green - Diamond Road - Totem

Kenny MacKenzie trio - Like Them That Dream - Closer to the Day

Katie Bull - A Song For Hudson's Heart - The Story, So Far

Steve Eulberg - I Miss America - A Piece of It All

Floratone - The Wanderer - Floratone

Little Mo' McCoury - Jimmy Brown the Newsboy - L:ittle Mo' McCoury

Tom Teasley - The Awakening - Painting Time

Sugar Blue - Krystalline - Code Blue

Buddy Greene - Talk About Sufferin' - Happy Man

Justin Mather - Riverside - One Pillow

Drew Nelson - Wal-Mart V2.0 - Immigrant Son

Habib Koite & Bamada - Africa - Afriki

Fr. Dukli Wiejska Banda - Pomalusku Nawracajcic Obertas - Folksongs of
Illinois 2: Fiddlers (various)

Melanie E. - Cafe des Trois Colombes - Le Jazz a la Francaise, Volume 1

There will be no show this coming week. See you again on October 19!
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