[JPL] Female Vocalists Revisited...and another tune about the war

Michelle Mobley michelle_mobley at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 8 21:37:13 EDT 2007

Did anyone mention Katie Bull?

This young vocalist from Soho sent her CD my way for review, and my-o-my has
she got it goin’ on.  Entitled "The Story So Far" Ms. Bull stretches out in
both her vocalese and her subjective estimation of life on this planet...so
far.  Ten of the 13 cuts are (refreshingly) originals
two are perfect for those
of you who have a Halloween show planned (listen to "Which?" or is it
"Witch?").  And then there is "Wake Up Time" that will fit the programming for
the war (or anti-war) show that one of you is putting together.  In my
subjective estimation, her rendition of "Twisted" is the best in this era in

Being from the Left Coast, I don’t know her musicians, but they are stellar,
and they too stretch out quite vividly.  This is outré jazz that is still quite
playable on-air.  It is refreshing to witness such a young talent embrace the
art form in its truest sense.  Like a well put together radio show, this is one
of those CDs where you keep listening to hear what she’s going to do next. 
There is a fun, if not silly, DVD included with the release that reflects just
how young this songbird is...if anything, it is fun to watch Katie and her
posse storm the streets of lower Manhattan in a bit of Medieval madness.  My
next visit to the City will include a search for Katie Bull chant dans

  Michelle Mobley 
  michelle_mobley at sbcglobal.net

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