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Lionel Loueke
  I met Lionel at Monterey Jazz Fest last year and since I emceeing, I just went up and asked him. and he told me it was Lee-oh-NELL Lou-EH-keh.  It flows nicely.
  Vinne Colaiuta
  One of the pro drummers I know pronounces it Vinnie CAH-lee-oo-tah

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HI all- 
I had wondered the same a while back and had found this:

"Guitarist Lionel Loueke (pronounced Lee-oh-NELL Lou-EH-keh) first came to the United States from his native Benin, Africa, in 1999, at 26, with a captivating guitar technique and a deep love of jazz's improvisational freedom. He'd gained knowledge of and affection for the music of jazz-guitar heroes such as Wes Montgomery and George Benson and bluesmen like B.B. King, but he planned to sound like none of them. He'd been entranced by the compositions and band concepts of modern jazz masters - saxophonist Wayne Shorter and pianist Herbie Hancock, for example - and he wished to play with all of them....."

SOURCE: excerpted from
Jazz Journalists Association Library
by Larry Blumenfeld
reprinted with permission from the May issue of Jazziz

I am compiling my own list of pronunciations as time goes on - there are SO many to learn!  Maybe someday I'll create a list and put it on my website....


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